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EdEazy EIS (Cloud-based Education Information System)

Software Solution to manage educational institutions (Schools/Colleges and other Education Institutions)...

Available as Web app & mobile app with 45 + Modules

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Used in South Asia, MENA and African Countries. Also available in العربية, हिंदी and 20 other languages

Magical Features in EdEazy !.

location_cityEducational Institution Management

assignment_turned_inAttendance & Reports

credit_cardFinance and Fees Management

notification_importantSMS, Email & Push Notification alerts

rss_feedBroadcasts & News Management

stay_primary_portraitMobile App

done_allTeachers, Students & Parents Login

supervisor_accountHuman Resources Management

assignmentExam, Assessment & Reports

departure_boardTransport Management

local_libraryLibrary & Hostel Management

rate_reviewMessages & Home work

EdEazy Mobile App

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