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Branded in your Institution's Name, Colors and Logo

Your institution gets own app with the name of the institution as the app name the logo of their institution as the app icon, and a preferred color theme for the app.

Your institutions can create custom pages in the mobile app with vision of the institution, mission of the institution, About us etc.

Single app for all user-types :

Teachers, Students & Parents

Teachers can take attendance, students can view timetable, parents can view attendance, principal and admins can send messages & announcements etc. using the same app.

Though the traditional login mechanism with the username and password is preferred by the majority of users, the One Time Password (OTP) login via SMS and Emails is the favourite of all the app users. So we have incorporated both of them in the school mobile app to help you choose the one that suits you the best.

Announcements and Broadcasts :

The School management can reach out to parents, teachers and students all at once about important circulars.

All users will receive notifications for these announcements. Announcements can contain attachments like images, PDF, etc.,

School administrators and teachers can send broadcast messages to a closed group about a class activity, assignment, parents meet, etc.

Messages and Homework :

School Administrators, Teachers, Parents and Students can now effectively communicate with the new messages feature with more control on the message delivery and response process

Teachers can send homework notification to students and parents, homework notifications can contain attachments like images, PDF, etc.,

Student & Teacher Timetable

Parents can see their kid’s timetable on the go. This weekly timetable will help parents organise their kid’s schedule effectively. parents can see the current timetable and upcoming class in the dashboard itself.

No more shuffling of notebook by teachers to find their next class. This app will show teacher's upcoming class on the dashboard. This weekly timetable will help them plan their day effectively.

Events :

All the events such as Exams, Parents-Teachers meet, Holidays and Fee due dates will be listed in the institution calendar. You will be reminded promptly before important events. Our handy holidays list will help you plan your days in advance.

Student Attendance

Teachers can mark attendance right from the classroom with their mobile. It is easier than ever to mark the absentees and access the attendance report of a class.

Parents will be notified instantly, when their kid is marked absent for a day or class. Attendance report for the academic year is available readily with all the details.

Employee Leave Management :

No need to find a desktop to apply for leave or no application forms to fill. Now teachers can apply for leaves from their mobile. Teachers can track their leave application until acted by their manager.

Employee manager can approve or reject or keep pending the leaves application of their subordinate employees.


All the upcoming fee dues will be listed in the events and parents will be reminded with push notifications when the due date is getting closer. Parents can view fee details of the academics including fee paid and balance fee with fee receipts.

Exam Reports :

Examination reports can be shared with parents.

Student remarks can be recorded in the overall report for the year.

Each term examination report along with the end of year report card can be generated.


The institute can share pictures with the parents, students and employees by creating album.

Private album can be used to share the photos with specific users or students and parents of a specific class/batch or employees of specific department.

In today's busy world, the EdEazy Mobile app makes it easy for accessing all the details of the Institution via smartphone.

EdEazy Mobile app is a simple and intuitive application focused on enhancing communication between teachers and parents.

The school management, teachers, parents and students get on a single platform to bring transparency in the entire system related to a child’s activity.

The aim is to not only enrich the learning experience of the students, but also to enrich the lives of parents and teachers.